MRI Right Knee Joint

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MRI right knee joint generates cross-sectional images of the knee using a magnetic field and radio frequency waves.

What is MRI right knee joint?

MRI right knee joint is a non-invasive diagnostic test, without the use of ionizing radiations [1].

  • A computer program combines different images produced to give a detailed structure of the knee joint.
  • MRI right knee joint may be advised in case of pain, swelling, or injury to the knee joint.
  • Used in the diagnosis of arthritis, tumors, and infections.
  • MRI right knee joint may be done with or without contrast.

MRI right knee joint is better than X-ray, as it gives clear images of even ligaments, cartilages, and tendons surrounding the knee joint.

How is MRI right knee joint performed?

The patient is made to lie down still and may be strapped to the scanning table for MRI right knee joint.

  • Table then slides in the hollow tubular machine.
  • Only the patient’s lower body is exposed to a magnetic field.
  • During the scan, MRI technician communicates with the patient from outside the MRI room.
  • Patient hears intermittent sounds during the scan.

MRI right knee joint requires 45-60 minutes for completion.

Risks of MRI right knee joint

Although radiation exposure risk is minimum, MRI right knee joint must be avoided in pregnancy and lactation.

  • Metal implants may get dislocated.
  • Risk of pacemaker malfunctioning.
  • May pose a risk to fetal health.

Preparation before performing MRI right knee joint

Complete medical history, including pregnancy and allergies, is taken by the doctor before MRI right knee joint.

  • Patient must arrive about one hour before the procedure.
  • Follow doctor’s instructions about the intake of food, water, and medications.
  • Wear a loose fitting gown.
  • Remove all metal accessories.
  • In the case of claustrophobia, the patient is given medication before MRI right knee joint.

Post-care after MRI right knee joint

Patient can resume routine activities after MRI right knee joint.

Patient is advised not to drive immediately if any relaxing medication was given before MRI right knee joint.

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