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Overview Brief

The human body is a complex and fascinating tool. One of the hundreds of ways to study the human body and find the hindrances in its proper functioning is through the use of radiologic technology.

What is an MRI?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is one of the types of scans used under radiology technology. This technology focuses on the strong magnetic fields and radio waves of the body to generate detailed images, in shades of black, white, and gray, of the specific internal area of the body. This radiology technology can be used to examine many different parts of the body, such as brain and spinal cord, bones and joints, breasts, heart and blood vessels, and other internal organs. This is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of radiology.

How is MRI performed?

The procedure of an MRI is not an intense one. The patient has to just lie on a motorised bed and then this bed moves inside the scanner.

  • The patient will lie down.
  • The scanner will move towards the right hand.
  • The patient has to keep the hand still.
  • The radiographer (sitting in adjacent room) will operate the scanner through a computer.
  • The patient can talk to either the radiographer or any family member accompanying the patient.
  • The patient might be provided with earphones to curb the noise of the scanner.
  • A single scan will take around 5 minutes.

MRI Scan of hands is a simple scan and it does not take long.

Side effects/risks of MRI

There are no significant side-effects of MRI. There are a few guidelines to be followed –

  • Inform your doctor about the following, as the presence of these devices can affect the image or be a safety hazard

o   Metallic Joint Prostheses

o   Artificial Heart Valves

o   Pacemaker

o   Metal Clips

o   An implantable heart defibrillator

o   Any metal or electronic devices in the body

  • Inform your doctor about the tattoos on your body
  • Ensure that you are not pregnant as the scan is not suitable for foetuses
  • Inform your doctor if you are claustrophobic, you might be given a sedative.

If the precautions are well-followed, there are no risks to be considered.

Preparation before performing MRI

MRI Scan of the right hand does not require a lot of preparation.

  • Eat normally or according to the instructions provided by the doctor
  • Change into the clothes provided by the hospital or scan centre
  • Remove all your accessories and external electronic devices

The scan does not require any strenuous preparation. The patient just needs to be calm.

Post-care after MRI

After the MRI Scan is completed, the patient is ready to go and resume the regular activities. Only in the case of sedative use, the patient needs to be careful. In this scenario, the patient is advised to rest for 24 hours, not drive and be in the presence of a caretaker.

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