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MRI Right Forearm is carried out to detect fracture or symptoms of osteoarthritis in the forearm.

What is MRI Right Forearm?

MRI Right Forearm is an exam which detects the issues with various ligaments, cartilages and even the soft tissues of the right forearm.

  • It is used to detect any fractures or arthritis or other problems with the bones.
  • It can differentiate between the normal healthy tissues from the damaged ones.

MRI Right Forearm is an efficient way of letting the doctors plan for probable surgery.

How is MRI Right Forearm performed?

MRI Right Forearm is performed as follows:

  • The patient can lie down on the table with hands at the sides in comfortable clothing.
  • The coils used to enhance the image-quality are placed around the right forearm.
  • Earplugs are provided to the patient to listen to music to avoid the loud sounds from the machine.

The MRI Right Forearm is completed within 45-60 minutes.

Side effects/risks of MRI Right Forearm

The following side effects may be found due to MRI Right Forearm:

  • The patient may feel scared or anxious to get into the tunnel-like MRI machine.

Preparation before performing MRI Right Forearm

Preparation for MRI Right Forearm is as follows:

  • The patient can bring his previous reports along for the doctor’s reference.
  • No jewelry or metal objects should be worn to avoid disturbing the images.

Post-care after MRI Right Forearm

Post care for MRI Right Forearm is as follows:

  • The patient can bring along a family member to feel more comfortable and do away with the anxiety of the test.

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