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Overview Brief

MRI Right Foot is more specific than bone scintigraphy and provides more information than ultrasound and computed tomography.

MRI Right Foot provides more information than computed tomography and ultrasound and is more specific than bone scintigraphy. It allows a global evaluation of the bones, ligaments, tendons and other structures with a single examination which exceeds the capabilities of all the other available techniques.

How Foot MRI Right Foot is Performed?

This is how an MRI Right Foot goes:

  • The patient is asked to lie down on the examination table.
  • The position of the foot must be in a supine position, with feet pointing towards the magnet.
  • The position of the ankle should be over the foot and ankle coil and locked properly.
  • The examination table then slides into the open end of the tube in the machine.
  • The technician who will conduct the scanning procedure monitors you from another room.

The process of an MRI Right Foot takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Preparation for MRI Right Foot

Before going for an MRI Right Foot foot scan, the patient should:

  • Not to drink or eat anything for a few hours before the scan.
  • Fill in a questionnaire related to your health and medical history.
  • Remove all the metal objects from the body.

Things to Remember Post Examination

There are no restrictions placed upon the patient pst the MRI Right Foot scan.

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