MRI Right Brachial Plexus

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is now also being performed for diagnosis of the right shoulder. MRI right brachial plexus has proved highly beneficial in determining the issues related with the region for the doctors.

What is MRI right brachial plexus?

An MRI right brachial plexus is a radiological imaging technique used in association with a phase contrast dye so as to analysis pictures of the right brachial plexus. The concerned area includes the lower cervical vertebral column and the upper limbs. This technique has resulted in high-quality ‘slices’ used to diagnose ligament tears and neck and shoulder and neck fractures non-invasively. The MRI right brachial plexus is now an important procedure for diagnosing many orthopaedic disorders of the upper vertebra.

How is MRI right brachial plexus performed?

The MRI right brachial plexus is performed as per the following procedure:

  • The patient is laid on a rectangular table sliding into the tunnel-like scanner.
  • The contrast dye is applied intravenously on the concerned area for observing contrast.
  • The technician will be controlling the scanner from an adjacent room.

The procedure is completed once all the satisfactory images are obtained.

Side Effects/Risks of MRI right brachial plexus

Since MRI right brachial plexus is a modified CT scan, it has few side effects.

  • If the patient is put under anaesthesia, he/she carries a risk of being sedated beyond the norm.
  • The contrast dye may result in an allergic reaction in some patients.

Preparation before performing MRI right brachial plexus

Following precautions have to be carried before carrying the MRI right brachial plexus procedure:

  • The body must be devoid of attached metal. If there are internal implants involved, the doctor must be notified of the same.
  • All ornaments and belongings including watches have to be kept away from the apparatus.

Post-Care after MRI right brachial plexus

After the MRI right brachial plexus is performed, the patient has to recover through the sedative state under the orthopaedic surgeons’ observations. For any queries about this procedure and its details, you can consult with the top specialists at mfine.

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