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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is being performed for the common diagnosis of the right arm, which is termed as MRI right arm. This technique has been proved to be highly beneficial in a number of orthopedic cases for common people.

What is MRI Right Arm?

An MRI Right Arm is a radiological imaging technique used to create observational pictures of the right upper and right lower arm. The area under scanning includes the elbow, wrist and surrounding tissues. This technique has resulted in high-resolution ‘slices’ that can be used to diagnose many conditions like hairline fractures and tendon tears in a non-invasive manner. The MRI Right Arm has now become an important tool in diagnosing many debilitating orthopedic disorders of the right arm.

How is MRI Right Arm performed?

The MRI Right Arm is performed as per the following procedure:

  • The patient is laid on a CT examination table sliding into a tunnel-like scanner.
  • The table moves quickly the first time to find the best angle for scanning.
  • The table will then move slowly through the scanner to obtain high-resolution imaging.
  • During the scan, the technician will be controlling the scanner from an adjacent room.

The procedure is completed once satisfactory imaging is obtained.

Side Effects/Risks of MRI Right Arm

Since MRI Right Arm scan is a type of CT scan, it has few side effects.

  • There is a risk of involuntary movement due to age and possible claustrophobia.
  • If the patient is sedated, he/she carries a risk of being excessively sedated.
  • The exposure to radiation might cause cancer.

Preparation before performing MRI Right Arm

Following precautions have to be carried before carrying the MRI Right Arm procedure:

  • There should be no metal attached to the patient’s body, whether externally or internally as in pacemakers.
  • There should be no food ingested 6 hours prior to the examination.

Post-care after MRI Right Arm

After the MRI Right arm is performed, the patient has to recover through the sedative state under observation of the orthopedic surgeon.

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