MRI Right Ankle Joint

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MRI right ankle joint is an MRI scan of the right ankle, performed to detect any abnormalities and injuries the patient might have.

What is MRI right ankle joint?

MRI right ankle joint has helped the doctors a lot in figuring out the problem in the right ankle. The problems that are detected can be ligament or tendon injuries, soft tissue tumors, fractures, avascular necrosis and much more. The technique is far superior to a CT scan, as the imaging obtained from MRI right ankle joint scan is more revealing.

How is MRI right ankle joint performed?

The general procedure of performing MRI right ankle joint goes like this:

  • The patient is made to lie down on an examination table.
  • The table runs through the scanner quickly for the first few minutes to help doctors figure out the right angle to scan.
  • The table goes through the MRI scanner slowly to obtain high-resolution imaging of the right ankle.
  • The technician operates the scanner from the other side of the room.

Once the MRI right ankle joint scan is done, the doctor will assess the imaging obtained.

Side effects/risks of MRI right ankle joint

There are a few risks and side effects involved in MRI right ankle joint

  • The radio waves may end up causing severe headache to the patient.
  • Going through the scanner repeatedly may cause claustrophobic patients discomfort.

Preparation before performing MRI right ankle joint

The patient needs to take care of these things before beginning with MRI right ankle joint:

  • Should not eat or drink anything before 6 hours of MRI right ankle joint.
  • SHould take off all the metal devices and ornaments from the body.

Post-care after MRI right ankle joint

Once the MRI right ankle joint imaging is obtained, the doctor will evaluate it thoroughly and discuss further treatment plans with the patient. For any further queries, you can book an online consultation with the highly trained doctors at mfine.

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