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MRI imaging is a revolutionary technique that has resolved many issues doctors had in assessing abnormalities in patients. Here, we observe the major ramifications it has had for prostate related issues in the MRI Prostate Dynamic Study.

What is MRI prostate dynamic study?

MRI of the prostate gland is a non-invasive way used to detect abnormalities in the prostate gland in males by the doctors. The MRI is able to detect many conditions like congenital abnormalities, benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate abscess, and other complications in the prostate gland. MRI of the prostate helps doctors in finding the exact problems in the gland and the surrounding areas.

How is MRI of the prostate performed?

The procedure for an MRI of the prostate is

  • The patient is dressed in loose clothing or a gown according to their liking.
  • The patient is made to lie down on an examination table.
  • The table runs through the scanner slowly and repeatedly.
  • A technician in controls the table and the scanner to obtain the perfect imaging.

The whole procedure of the MRI takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of MRI of the prostate

There are a few side effects and risks that may come with an MRI.

  • The magnetic and radio waves used to obtain the imaging might cause the patient a mild or severe headache.
  • If the doctor decides to use sedation on the patient, there might be a chance of excessive sedation.

Preparation before performing MRI

The patient should keep the following things in mind before an MRI scan:

  • Should not consume food or drinks at least 4 hours before the MRI.
  • Should remove all the metal devices such as jewelry, pacemakers, etc. from the body before the procedure begins.
  • Should notify the doctors in advance if they have any allergies to the contrast agent.

Post-care after MRI

Once the MRI of the prostate is done, the doctors will take some time to observe the abnormalities in the prostate gland and surrounding areas. They will discuss further treatment options after that with the patient. You can also contact the specialists at mfine through online consultation for any further doubts.

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