MRI Pituitary/Sella

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MRI Pituitary/Sella is an MRI scan of the pituitary glands which helps in finding any abnormalities surrounding the pituitary glands region like tumors.

What is MRI Pituitary/Sella?

MRI Pituitary/Sella is a procedure that is performed to find any tumor growth or abnormalities around the pituitary gland region, which is very hard to detect. An MRI Pituitary/Sella creates very high resolution imaging to closely observe the pituitary gland in patients, which are very small.

MRI Pituitary/Sella helps the doctors determine the further steps that need to be taken for treatment by observing the high resolution imaging of the pituitary glands.

How is MRI Pituitary/Sella performed?

MRI Pituitary/Sella is performed in the following way:

  • The patient is made to lie down on a CT examination table.
  • The patient goes through the CT scan machine several times for scans.
  • High resolution imaging is obtained from these scans, which will continue till one is obtained that is not blurred or affected by any elements.
  • The patient is strapped to the examination table for the final set of scans.

An MRI Pituitary/Sella scan usually takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of MRI Pituitary/Sella

These are the risks and side effects associated with an MRI Pituitary/Sella scan.

  • Exposure to radiation may cause cancer.
  • If sedation is used, you might be at risk of excessive sedation.
  • Birth defects may occur in case of pregnant women going through MRI Pituitary/Sella.

Preparation before performing MRI Pituitary/Sella

Before the process of MRI Pituitary/Sella begins, the patient has to:

  • Avoid eating or drinking 6 hours before the procedure.
  • Make sure to get all metal and jewelry off your body before the scan.
  • Don’t take any medications on the day of the MRI Pituitary/Sella scan.

Post-care after MRI Pituitary/Sella

The doctor will discuss with you if any tumor or abnormality is detected in the MRI Pituitary/Sella scan, and about how to move forward with the treatment.

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