MRI Pituitary/Sella With Contrast

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Overview Brief

MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast is an MRI scan of the pituitary glands which helps the doctors find tumors and abnormalities in the pituitary gland.

What is MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast?

MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast is a type of MRI scan that is performed to find if there are any tumors or abnormalities in and surround pituitary glands. This procedure is done with a contrast dye that is harmless and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast helps the doctors in finding the small abnormalities in the pituitary glands, which are very hard to find due to their extremely small size.

How is MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast performed?

This is how a general MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast goes:

  • The patient lies down on a CT examination table.
  • The machine moves quickly through the scanner to find out the best angle to scan.
  • A contrast dye, usually made of gadolinium is injected in the patient through an IV tube.
  • The table moves through the scanner slowly to obtain ultra high-resolution imaging during scans.

Side effects/risks of MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast

These are the risks and side effects associated with MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast:

  • Radiation from the procedure may cause cancer.
  • Birth defects may occur if performed on women while pregnant.
  • There might be an allergic reaction to gadolinium.

Preparation before performing MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast

The patient must be prepared in these ways before having an MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast:

  • Should not have food before 6 hours of the MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast.
  • Should not have any metal or jewelry on during the procedure.
  • Must notify the doctor of any existing allergies.

Post-care after MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast

After the MRI Pituitary/Sella with contrast is done, the doctor will assess the imaging and tell you how to take the treatment forward.

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