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MRI imaging has become one of the most critical tools in exploring brain anatomy. MRI Perfusion is the next step in the imaging process, which helps in measuring cerebral perfusion in a non-invasive manner.

What is MRI Perfusion?

MRI Perfusion is an imaging technique that helps measure cerebral perfusion by assessing cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume, and mean transit time. MRI Perfusion is the next stepping stone in MRI imaging and has become an important clinical tool in the diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases and other brain disorders.

How is MRI Perfusion performed?

MRI Perfusion is performed in a few simple steps.

  • The patient is positioned on the CT examination table, usually lying back.
  • The examination table will move quickly through the scanner in order to determine the correct scan positions.
  • A contrast agent will be injected inside you through an intravenous line.
  • Then, the table will move slowly through the CT scanner and multiple scans will take place.

Once the satisfactory imaging is obtained, the MRI perfusion will be completed.

Side effects/risks of MRI Perfusion

MRI Perfusion is a form of a CT scan and involves a few risks and side effects.

  • Effective radiation dose varies from person to person, increasing the chance of cancer in cases of a high radiation dose.
  • Allergic reactions to the contrast material.
  • Birth defects may occur if the process is done during pregnancy.

Preparation before performing MRI Perfusion

Before going through MRI Perfusion, the patient needs to be prepped for some things.

  • If you are claustrophobic or cannot stay still for long, you may ask to be strapped to the table to avoid blurred imaging.
  • Stop eating or drinking at least 6 hours before MRI Perfusion.
  • Notify your doctor if you have any allergies, especially to iodine.
  • Remove all sorts of metal and jewelry from your body.

Post-care after MRI Perfusion

Once the MRI Perfusion is complete, your doctor will assess the images and consult you if any abnormalities detected.

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