MRI Penis Region With Contrast

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Overview Brief 

The MRI of Penis Region displays more clear images of important structures. This is significantly helpful in cases of penile cancer which cannot be caught at an early stage clinically.

What is MRI of penis region?

MRI of Penis is an external examination of the malfunctioning of penile prosthesis.

MRI of the penis can be used to access most of the penile pathologies. The test can be very helpful in determining penile cancer. MRI of penis region will also most likely be helpful within the investigation of the painful implant and acute low-flow priapism.

How is MRI of penis region performed?

  • The hospital makes us wear a gown for the procedure because our clothing can have metal fasteners, which may cause inaccurate footage.
  • We lie on our back on a slim table and then the table slides into the magnetic resonance imaging machine.

Side-effects/risks in MRI of penis region

There are very little to none risks for an MRI scan of Penis region because it doesn’t involve any radiation.

  • Metallic objects or implants are an absolute no-no in or around the magnetic resonance imaging machine.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging scans will cause pacemakers to prevent operating.
  • Contrast agent might induce allergies if we have renal disorders.

Preparations before performing an MRI of penis region

The doctors might inform us to not eat or drink something for 4-5 hours before the MRI of penis region is performed.

  • We should invariably inform our doctor from before if we are claustrophobic.
  • The doctor then provides us medicines to cut back anxiety.
  • To achieve an erection, Caverject dual-drug might be injected into the penis during the examination.
  • Sometimes, an MRI contrast without iodine might also be injected.

Post care after MRI of penis region

The initial results of an MRI of the penis region could take some days, however, the comprehensive report would possibly take a week or more.

  • After the penile MRI is over, the patient is free to leave the hospital unless the doctor suggests otherwise.
  • If the patient receives a sedative, they’ll have to wait to drive until the medication wears off, or have somebody from our family or friends drive them home.

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