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Overview Brief 

Profused pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic region during urination or defecation are the foremost reasons doctors order an MRI Pelvis with Hip.

What is an MRI Pelvis with Hip?

Doctors order a pelvic MRI in men for conditions such as undescended testicles or lumps in the scrotum and in females to further investigate infertility or irregular vaginal bleeding.

How is MRI Pelvis with Hip performed?

  • The hospital makes us wear a gown for the procedure because our clothing can have metal fasteners, which can cause inaccurate pictures.
  • Certain exams require a special contrast dye which is given before the test through an IV vein in our hand. The color of the dye facilitates the radiologist to see certain areas in our body more clearly.

Side effects/risks of MRI Pelvis with Hip

There are little to none risks for an MRI Pelvis with Hip scan as it doesn’t involve any radiation.

  • The contrast dye utilized generally involves a substance called gadolinium. The dye is safe and allergic reactions from it hardly happen.
  • Metallic objects or implants are an absolute no-no in or around the MRI machine.

Preparation before performing an MRI Pelvis with Hip scan

The doctors may inform the patient not to eat or drink anything for 4-5 hours before the MRI Pelvis with Hip scan is performed.

  • The patient should always inform our doctor from before if we are claustrophobic.
  • Brain aneurysm clips and artificial heart valves are prohibited in the MRI machine.
  • The patient should tell the doctors if they have any kidney disease.

Post-care after MRI Pelvis with Hip scan

The initial results of an MRI Pelvic with Hip scan may take a few days, but the comprehensive report might take a week or more.

  • After the pelvic MRI is over, we are free to leave the hospital unless our doctor tells us not to.
  • When the results become available, our doctor will review them with us. If our doctor can make a diagnosis from the pictures, they might have us begin a cure for our condition if required.

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