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Overview Brief

Do you need to undergo an MRI Left Tm Joint? This article will tell you all about it.

What is MRI Left Tm Joint?

An MRI Left Tm Joint is a diagnostic procedure that involves taking images of the Tm (temporomandibular) joint to assess it for any disorders.

In an MRI Left Tm Joint, magnetic resonance imaging is used to capture pictures of the Tm joint, which connects the skull with the lower jaw and the soft tissues around it. These pictures, termed as slices, together help determine any inflammation or injury to the jaw, cartilage damage due to rheumatoid arthritis or any jaw-clenching/teeth-grinding conditions [1]. The test is radiation-free and hence a safe technique of medical imaging.

How is MRI Left Tm Joint Performed?

MRI Left Tm Joint is carried out in a designated MRI chamber.

  • The patient lies supine on the examination table and is secured into position.
  • The table enters the MRI machine, where strong magnets start scanning the Tm Joint.
  • The patient is required to lie still throughout the procedure.
  • Earphones with music may be provided for additional comfort.
  • The images captured may be stored electronically or printed on a film.

Side effects/ risks of MRI Left Tm Joint

While MRI Left Tm Joint is a highly safe procedure for all patients, potential side effects include

  • Potential harm to foetuses of pregnant women.
  • Adverse effect on patients with pacemakers, neuro-stimulators or other medical implants.

Preparations before performing MRI Left Tm Joint

The following preparations will ensure that MRI Left Tm Joint goes smoothly.

  • Written consent is required from the patient before the procedure [2].
  • A mild sedative may be administered to combat claustrophobia.
  • Any jewellery or metallic objects must be removed.

Post-care after MRI Left Tm Joint

No specific post-care is required after MRI Left Tm Joint. The radiologist will share the test results with the patient within a few days.

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