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Overview Brief

Has your doctor ordered an MRI Left Thigh for you? Read this article to know everything about it.

What is MRI Left Thigh?

An MRI Left Thigh is a diagnostic procedure in which an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) device is used to scan the left thigh to identify any disorders.

In an MRI Left Thigh, strong magnets in the MRI unit are used to create images of the left thigh, called slices. The test is used to assess any fractures, abnormal masses or growths, trauma injuries, infections or joint inflammations. The test does not use any radiation and is hence completely safe for patients of all ages [1].

How is MRI Left Thigh Performed?

MRI Left Thigh is performed in a designated exam room.

  • The patient wears a hospital gown and lies on the examination table.
  • The left thigh is secured with straps and the table enters the MRI machine.
  • The machine scans the thigh as the physician watches from a separate control room.
  • The entire procedure lasts 30-60 minutes.

Side effects/ risks of MRI Left Thigh

While MRI Left Thigh is an extremely safe procedure, possible side effects include

  • Possible interference with pacemakers from the strong magnetic waves.
  • Potential harm to unborn foetuses.

Preparations before performing MRI Left Thigh

The following preparations will ensure that MRI Left Thigh is performed smoothly.

  • The patient may be required to avoid food or drink for a few hours before the exam.
  • All metallic objects and jewellery must be removed [2].
  • Patients who are claustrophobic should inform the physician so that a mild sedative can be given.

Post-care after MRI Left Thigh

No specific post-care is required after MRI Left Thigh, and the patient can resume normal activities immediately afterwards. The radiologist will share the results in a few days.

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