MRI Left Shoulder Joint

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MRI Left Shoulder Joint is done to diagnose any kind of trauma, injuries, or any other anomalies related to it.

What is MRI Left Shoulder Joint?

MRI Left Shoulder Joint is a process to get detailed images of the left shoulder joint from any angle.

  • MRI Left Shoulder Joint presents images of the associated bones, muscles, and tendons as well.
  • Known as a noninvasive test, the MRI test determines a lot of medical conditions.
  • MRI uses strong magnetic waves but does not involve exposure to radiation.
  • It also helps determine whether or not the patient requires surgery.

MRI Left Shoulder Joint is also capable of demonstrating a fracture in the shoulder bone as well.

How is MRI Left Shoulder Joint performed?

MRI Left Shoulder Joint is performed as follows:

  • The patient needs to lie down comfortably on the hospital table with hands at the sides.
  • The test begins with small devices being attached to the shoulder of the patient.
  • There are coils on the device which can send and receive radio waves to enhance the quality of the images.
  • The table is then passed under the MRI machine which takes a series of pictures.
  • There may be multiple images taken depending on the condition of the shoulder.

MRI Left Shoulder Joint may last for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Side effects/risks of MRI Left Shoulder Joint

The MRI Left Shoulder Joint involves the following risks:

  • If the patient is sedated, then there are chances of excessive sedation.
  • The metal implants like pacemakers may malfunction after the test due to the strong magnetic waves.

Preparation before performing MRI Left Shoulder Joint

The following preparation is required before the MRI Left Shoulder Joint:

  • The patient needs to follow dietary recommendations by the doctor.
  • Women, as a rule, must let the doctors and the technician know if there are chances of her being pregnant.

Post-care after MRI Left Shoulder Joint:

There are no specific steps that need to be taken after the MRI Left Shoulder Joint. 

The mfine team believes in providing the best of shoulder treatments available including the MRI Left Shoulder Joint to all its patients.

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