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MRI left leg scans the leg, foot, ankle, and nearby tissues using strong magnets.

What is MRI Left Leg?

MRI left leg is an imaging test that helps in inspecting bones and tissues of the left

leg for injuries and other health conditions.

  • Doctors order a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the left leg when they suspect any injury or abnormalities.
  • The test makes use of a strong magnetic field and radio waves for proper diagnosing of medical conditions.
  • The MR images produced help in diagnosing fractures, injuries from sports or accident, and multiple medical issues.

The MRI left leg test may require a contrast dye as recommended by a radiologist.

How is MRI left leg performed?

MRI left leg is performed in the following way:

  • Before the scanning, the patient wears a hospital gown and rests on a padded table.
  • The MRI scanner then takes pictures of the bones and surrounding areas of the leg.
  • The technician may provide headphones to dial down the noise from the test.
  • The whole process takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

A radiologist then reviews the slices and hands the reports to a doctor.

Side Effects/Risks of MRI left Leg

Although there is no risk of radiation unlike other imaging tests, MRI left leg

possesses certain risks like:

  • Metal implants can cause problems with the magnetic field.
  • MRI is not safe for developing fetuses.

Preparation before performing MRI left leg

Preparation for MRI left leg varies with patients and testing facilities, and includes:

  • A physical examination before performing an MRI.
  • Patients who take supplements and medications must report that to a doctor before the test.
  • The doctor may have to sedate the patient in some cases.

Post-care after MRI left leg

After the MRI left leg test, the patient is supposed to:

  • Take rest after the test to avoid lightheadedness.
  • Talk to the doctor about queries, more tests, and medication.
  • Avoid driving for some time.

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