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MRI left arm creates pictures of the arm by scanning it as a part of the diagnosis of

different medical issues.

What is MRI Left Arm?

MRI left arm is an imaging test that helps assess injuries and other diseases of the arm

using a strong magnetic field.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the left arm produces images of the bones, blood vessels, and muscles of the left arm.
  • The MR images, known as slices, give clear views of the structural changes in the left arm.
  • There is no involvement of contrast dye in this test.

MRI left arm helps in evaluating fractures, joint abnormalities of the shoulder,

injuries due to strain or accidents, pain, and swelling in the left arm.

How is MRI left arm performed?

MRI left arm is performed in the following way:

  • The patient wears loose and comfortable clothes before lying on the scanner table.
  • The MRI scanner then takes pictures of the bones and tissues of the left arm after scanning.
  • With the help of a computer, images are generated which are then studied by a radiologist.
  • The whole process of MRI left arm takes about an hour to complete.
  • The patient can be given anesthesia or sedative before the test.

Side Effects/Risks of MRI left arm

MRI possesses no risk of radiation. Although there are certain risks risks with MRI left

arm like:

  • Implantable devices like pacemakers do not function properly in the presence of strong magnetic fields.
  • Although MRI is safe for pregnant women in most cases, they must, however, avoid it in the first trimester.

Preparation before performing MRI left arm

Preparation for MRI left arm includes:

  • There are not restrictions on eating or drinking in MRI unless the doctor says so.
  • Patient with claustrophobia can talk to the doctor before the test.

No jewelry or metallic devices are allowed as they can interfere with the magnetic field.

Post-care after MRI left arm

After the MRI Left arm, the patient should:

  • Take adequate rest before going back to physical activities.
  • Avoid driving right after the test.

Talk to the doctor in case of dizziness or discomfort.

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