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MRI Left Ankle Joint helps take images of the ankle joint and aides the process of possible treatment for the joint.

What is MRI Left Ankle Joint?

MRI Left Ankle Joint refers to the technique of capturing images of the ankle joint using magnetic waves and computer.

  • The process is non-invasive and helps doctors get an inside view of ankle injuries and other conditions.
  • Bone fractures and ligament tears are the other factors that can be determined through the test.
  • Any issues regarding the cartilage between the bone space can also be visualized through the MRI.

MRI Left Ankle Joint is capable of producing images of even the smallest cracks of the ankle.

How is MRI Left Ankle Joint performed?

MRI Left Ankle Joint is performed as follows:

  • The table on which the patient is lying is moved into the MRI machine.
  • The scanner along with the computer produce images of the ankle joint.
  • The strong magnetic waves create a series of images of the ankle.
  • Once the MRI is done, the patient is free to go home.

The process takes about a few minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of MRI Left Ankle Joint

There are no notable side effects of the MRI Left Ankle joint.

Preparation before performing MRI Left Ankle Joint

MRI Left Ankle Joint requires the following preparation:

  • Tell your doctor about persisting diseases.
  • Some patients may be asked to fast for 2 hours or more.

Post-care after MRI Left Ankle Joint

MRI Left Ankle Joint post care does not need much attention. The patient can keep a tab on his leg condition.

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