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 Overview Brief

There can be certain infections, diseases and other health conditions in the kidney and the urinary bladder. To detect the conditions MRI Kub is performed on the patient’s body.

What is MRI Kub?

MRI Kub is performed on patients to evaluate the causes for abdominal pain and to assess the kidney, ureter and bladder for diagnostic purposes. MRI Kub must be done before other procedures are performed. MRI Kub produces detailed images of the organs for further diagnosis and treatments. (1)

How is MRI Kub performed?

MRI Kub provides high- resolution images of the organs when the following steps are followed for the procedure

  • The patient will have to change to a hospital gown and lie on a moveable table.
  • If doctor instructs, the patient will be injected with contrast fluid for deriving clearer images.
  • The moveable table will enter the MRI machine, where strong magnetic fields will produce images.
  • The process takes 30-40 minutes.

Patient should stay still while the MRI Kub is being performed on him/her for best results.

Side effects of MRI Kub

The few side effects of MRI Kub are listed below

  • Dizziness.
  • Weakness.
  • Other risks like allergic reactions and such depending on medical conditions you have.

Preparation before performing MRI Kub

There are certain preparation measures that the patient must take before MRI Kub

  • Inform the doctor about your medical history.
  • Eat normal food before MRI Kub, unless the doctor instructs otherwise.
  • Remove all metal objects from your body.

Post-care after MRI Kub

The post-care after MRI Kub is very simple like

  • The patient must eat and drink sufficiently after MRI Kub is over, if he/she has been fasting for hours for taking the examination.
  • If allergic reactions or any other side effects are experienced for a long time after the procedure is over, consult the doctor immediately.

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