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Overview Brief

The complex system of the inner ear can be affected by outside systems causing vestibular disorders. MRI Inner Ear performed around the inner structures of the ear is useful for the diagnosis of certain vestibular abnormalities.

What is MRI Inner Ear?

MRI Inner Ear has been developed to evaluate and manage diseases like semicircular canals and vestibular abnormalities. MRI Inner Ear provides images of the membranous labyrinth along with its associated neural elements. MRI Inner Ear produces high-quality images of the audio vestibular nerves for evaluation of inner ear diseases. (1)

How is MRI Inner Ear Performed?

MRI Inner Ear uses radio waves and magnetic field for production of the tissues and vestibular nerves being scanned in the ear. The test involves

  • Patient has to lie down on a movable table and coiled devices that receive and send   radio waves are placed inside the ear of the patient.
  • The moveable table enters the MRI machine that uses magnetic fields for performing the examination.
  • The process is painless and takes about 40 minute
  • The patient is required to remain still throughout the procedure.

 Once the MRI Inner Ear is over, patient can leave immediately. (2)

Side- effects of MRI Inner Ear

MRI Inner Ear can be quite claustrophobic along with some side effects like
● Disrupted fluid levels in the inner ear due to strong magnetic fields.
● Loss of balance.
● Dizziness.

Preparation before Performing MRI Inner Ear

MRI Inner Ear must be pre-scheduled with the radiologist. List of preparation measures required for the test are

  • Eat normal food and take the usual medications, unless otherwise is instructed by the radiologist.
  • Change to a gown as instructed before MRI Inner Ear.
  • Remove metal and other objects from your body like jewellery, hearing aids, wigs, watches, etc.

Post-care after MRI Inner Ear

After the MRI Inner Ear is performed the post-care process is simple as follows

  • Patient can eat and drink normally once the MRI Inner Ear is done.
  • If the side effects remain for a long time after the procedure is over, consult the doctor immediately.

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