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Overview Brief

MRI Great Toe is useful for diagnosis of various conditions and abnormalities with your toe. Detailed images of the great toe can be derived with MRI Great Toe.

What is MRI Great Toe?

MRI Great Toe uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves for producing high resolution images of the great toe. MRI Great Toe is helpful for diagnosis of conditions like arthritis, infection, tendon injuries ligament injuries and tumours. MRI Great Toe is a safe and harmless procedure.

How is MRI Great Toe performed?

The MRI Great Toe is a simple procedure that can be performed by following the steps below

  • The patient needs to wear a hospital gown and lie down on a moveable table.
  • In some cases, contrast fluid is injected in the arm of the patient for better results.
  • In this procedure, the entire body of the patient might not be entered in the MRI machine. Only the leg will be inserted in the tunnel to get the desired images.
  • The procedure takes around 30 minutes and the patient must stay still throughout the procedure.

Once the procedure of MRI Great Toe is over, the patient can leave for home.

Side effects of MRI Great Toe

The most common side effects of MRI Great Toe are

  • Dizziness.
  • Allergic reactions from contrast fluid.
  • Slight heating of body due to scanning.

Preparation before performing MRI Great Toe

The preparation measures important to take before performing MRI Great Toe are

  • You can eat and drink normally before the MRI Great Toe, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Try to avoid having caffeine as it tends to make our bodies restless.
  • Remove all metal objects from the body.
  • Tell your doctor about your medical history.

Post-care after MRI Great Toe

The simple post-care steps to follow after MRI Great Toe are

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated after the MRI Great Toe.
  • If any side effects remain for a long time after the test is over, consult the doctor.
  • Women must not breast-feed within 24-48 hours after contrast fluid is given to them.

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