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MRI Forearm uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves for producing high resolution images of the forearm, the surrounding muscles and other soft tissues.

What is MRI Forearm?

With the help of MRI Forearm, the radiologist can derive important information, and clarify ambiguous clinical findings for the physician to evaluate. Images from the MRI Forearm helps the physician to carry on with the most effective treatment. (1)

How is MRI Forearm performed?

The MRI Forearm is a simple procedure, and the steps to be followed are

  • The patient needs to wear a hospital gown and lie on a moveable table.
  • The table will enter the MRI machine where the strong magnetic fields work to produce pictures.
  • The patient must lie in one position, and stay still throughout the procedure.
  • The MRI Forearm takes about 30 minutes usually.

MRI Forearm is a safe and painless procedure. The patient can go home after the procedure is over.

Side effects of MRI Forearm

Some of the very few side-effects that one might experience from MRI Forearm are

  • Claustrophobic sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Unsteadiness

Preparations before performing MRI Forearm

The preparation measures that must be taken before performing MRI Forearm are

  • Inform the doctor about your medical history.
  • Eat and drink as instructed by the doctor before the MRI Forearm.
  • Remove all metal objects from your body before taking the examination.
  • Inform the radiologist if you have any metal implants on your body.

Post-care of MRI Forearm

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