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Overview Brief

MRI Foetal provides detailed pictures of the foetus. MRI Foetal is carried out several times during the woman’s pregnancy.

What is MRI Foetal?

MRI Foetal produces high-resolution images of the foetus in the womb. MRI Foetal takes images of the foetus from different angles to check the different parts of the baby and derive additional information about the baby. MRI Foetal should be avoided during the first trimester as there is lesser accuracy at that time.

How is MRI Foetal performed?

There are simple steps to follow for performing MRI Foetal

  • The patient must wear a hospital gown and lie on a moveable table.
  • The moveable table will enter the MRI machine, where the patient must lie still throughout the MRI Foetal.
  • Soft flexible wrap will go over the stomach to record the radio waves for producing images from different angles.
  • Foam cushions and straps are used to keep the patient still during the procedure.

MRI Foetal is harmless for the foetus. The mother can go home when the procedure is over.

Side effects of MRI Foetal

There are no severe side effects of MRI Foetal. The most common side effects experienced are

  • Dizziness from sedation.
  • Claustrophobic sensation.

Preparation before performing MRI Foetal

The preparation measures that must be taken before performing MRI Foetal are

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Remove all metal objects from the body.
  • Eat and drink as per the doctor’s instructions before the MRI Foetal.

Post-care after MRI Foetal

The post-care after MRI Foetal is easy and simple

  • Drink plenty of fluids after the procedure is over for keeping yourself hydrated.
  • If any side effects are experienced for long hours after MRI Foetal, inform the doctor immediately.

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