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Overview Brief

MRI Foetal Brain is a routine part of the pregnancy and parental care. MRI Foetal Brain helps to get additional information about the fetus’ brain.

What is MRI Foetal Brain?

MRI Foetal Brain is a safe way of evaluating the development of the fetal brain. MRI Foetal Brain is being performed more where brain abnormalities can be detected. MRI Foetal Brain helps in evaluating the fetal brain with great details unlike other procedures.

How is MRI Foetal Brain performed?

The MRI Foetal Brain procedure is simple and involves

  • The patient needs to wear a hospital gown and lie down on a moveable table.
  • The table will enter the MRI machine, where the patient must lie still for better clarity of the pictures.
  • Radio waves will be passed around the stomach to derive images from MRI Foetal Brain.
  • The procedure will take about 30-40 minutes. For twins it can take a bit longer.

Having a MRI Foetal Brain can be stressful, but, it is harmless. (1)

Side effects of MRI Foetal Brain

There are no serious side effects of MRI Foetal Brain. Some women might still experience

  • Dizziness from sedation.
  • Claustrophobic sensation.

Preparation before performing MRI Foetal Brain

Preparation measures to take before performing MRI Foetal Brain are

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Remove all metal objects from your body before beginning MRI Foetal Brain.
  • It is recommended that the woman fasts for four hours before the examination for better results.

Post-care after MRI Foetal Brain

The post-care of MRI Foetal Brain is simple and involves

  • Eat and drink sufficiently after the MRI Foetal Brain is over.
  • If any side effects or allergic reactions occur and last for long hours, consult the doctor immediately.

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