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Overview Brief

MRI fistulogram is performed to evaluate perianal fistulae. Earlier it was difficult to examine perianal fistulae but MRI technology has made it very easy and effortless.

What is MRI fistulogram

MRI fistulogram is carried out for examining the perianal fistulae and has proved to be an effective step in the diagnosis. The radio waves and magnetic field used in the process creates detailed image of perianal fistulae and helps in diagnose of any unfavourable conditions. Perianal fistulae is a common problem of middle age people and this screening technique has given a new direction to the treatment of the issue.  (1)

How is MRI fistulogram performed?

MRI fistulogram, is a simple screening process and demands the patient to visit a radiology centre. Basic steps involved in the screening process are mentioned below. (2)

  • The patient is requested to remove all jewelleries or any metallic objects.
  • They are then requested to wear the gown of the hospital.
  • The patient is requested to lie down on the screening table which is then slided into the machine for screening.
  • The patient is requested to keep their hands away from the trunk part throughout the process.
  • At the time of screening, the patient has to be calm and stable.
  • Once the imaging is done, the patient can leave the hospital.

The screening process is very simple and demands maximum 45 minutes from the patients.

Side effects of MRI fistulogram

MRI fistulogram do not have any side effects or risks. However, some patients who are very weak may encounter some side effects. (3)

  • Feeling thirsty.
  • Mild to moderate headache and nausea.

Preparations before performing MRI fistulogram

MRI fistulogram is extremely safe and do not require any planning or preparation before the test. Some steps that are to followed by the patients are mentioned below:

  • Discuss the diet plan with the doctor for the day of imaging.
  • It is advised to be natural and wear loose cloths.
  • Patients should share information about tattoo to the staff.

Post care after MRI fistulogram

MRI fistulogram is extremely safe and the patients do not need any care or rest after the test. Following precautions should be taken:

  • Drink water and relax your body to make yourself calm after the screening.
  • If a patient has taken any relaxation medicine then he should not drive at least for 4 to 5 hours.

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