MRI Fistulogram With Contrast

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Overview Brief

MRI fistulogram with contrast is performed for detail examination of perianal fistulae. It is similar to MRI fistulogram but the image quality in contrast imaging is enhanced by a natural element called Gadolinium

What is MRI fistulogram with contrast?

MRI fistulogram with contrast is performed to examine perianal fistulae in a detailed way. This process of imaging makes it easy for the doctors to examine and treat the issue in a better way. Gadolinium along with magnetic field and radio waves are used to increase the clarity of the image. (1)

How is MRI fistulogram performed?

 MRI Fistulogram with contrast is a simple process like other MRIs. There is hardly any difference at the patient’s end. Some basic steps involved in the process are:

  • The patient is requested to wear the gown provided by the hospital.
  • The patient is requested to lie down on the screening table.
  • The table gently slides the body of the patient into the magnetic area for screening.
  • The patient guided to be stable at the time of screening.
  • Once the imaging is done, the patient can leave the hospital.

The imaging is done in maximum 45 minutes. (2)

Side effects of MRI fistulogram with contrast

This imaging process is very simple and so not have any side effects but we cannot exactly evaluate how body reacts to MRI fistulogram with contrast. In rare cases, patients may encounter any of the below mentioned issues: (3)

  • Low to mild headache.
  • Sensitivity in the eyes or skin.

Preparations before performing MRI fistulogram with contrast

MRI fistulogram with contrast is very simple and do not demand any preparations before the test. Some basic preparations before the test includes:

  • Keep your body relaxed sop that there is no requirement of any relaxing medicine.
  • Maintain a diet chart for the day of screening by consulting the doctor.

Post care after MRI fistulogram with contrast

The screening process requires patient to be in a magnetic field which is very user friendly so there is no issues related to the health of the patient post MRI fistulogram with contrast. Sa

  • Drink water and relax your body to make yourself calm after the screening.
  • In case, if you have consumed any relaxing medicine before or at the time of test then you should avoid driving for at least 4 to 5 hours.

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