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Overview Brief

MRI finger is a popular screening process for the study of the amount of ligament and any injury in the finger. This imaging process uses powerful magnetic field and radio waves for evaluating acute and chronic lesions.

What is MRI finger

MRI finger is a simple imaging process which provides important information for diagnosis and monitoring soft tissues in the finger. The radio waves and magnetic fields superimpose to generate the report. The image generated by the imaging process is examined by orthopaedic doctors to monitor the conditions of the fingers.

How is MRI finger performed?

MRI finger requires magnetic field and radio waves for screening so it is suggested to visit reputed lab or hospital for the test. Some steps that are followed by the medical staff at the time of MRI finger include: (2)

  • Requesting patient to remove any metallic objects.
  • The patient is requested to change the clothes and wear the gown provided by the hospital.
  • Depending on the variety of machine, a part or the entire body of the patient is slid into the magnet.
  • The hands of the patient should be still at the time of screening process.
  • The patient can immediately leave the centre.

The maximum time required for the completion of the screening process is 45 minutes and the result is delivered to the doctor.

Side effects of MRI finger

MRI finger screening is a painless test which is free from side effects. There can be some unfavourable conditions after the screening. Some side effects of the process include: (3)

  • Patients who are allergic to contrast material may sometimes experience slight itching and other mild reactions.
  • Due to effects of magnetic and radio waves, patients may sometimes complain for mild headache.

Preparations before performing MRI finger

MRI finger is a simple process and the entire arrangement is available in the hospitals and there is no need of any preparation from the patient’s side.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and jewelleries.
  • Discuss diet plan for the day of screening by the doctor.

Post care after MRI finger

MRI finger is extremely simple process and do not require and special care or medication after the test. Some steps that should be followed after the screening process includes:

  • The patient should drink water and relax in fresh air.
  • If the patient had consumed any relaxing medicine then he or she should be allowed to take proper rest and should be away from driving for 4 to 5 hours.

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