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Overview Brief

MRI face with contrast is an advance medical imaging technique which uses magnetic field and radio waves for the screening of the face.

What is MRI face with contrast

MRI face with contrast is a screening process which is used for the examination of muscles, tissues, tendons and blood vessel present in the face. The additional element Gadolinium increases the clarity of the image to a great extent and proves to be a boon for the neurologists. (1)

How is MRI face with contrast performed?

Magnetic field, radio waves and Gadolinium are the pillars of MRI face with contrast. (2)

  • The staffs request the patient to change the clothes and remove all metals from the body.
  • The patient is asked to lie down on the screening table which smoothly slides the patient into the machine.
  • The patient is asked to hold breath during the imaging of the face. 

The process is extremely simple and does not harm the body of the patient.

Side effects of MRI face with contrast

MRI face with contrast is a simple process, but there is chance of rare complications.

  • Low to mild headache with nausea.
  • Patients who are allergic to contrast material may sometimes experience slight itching and other mild reactions. (3)

Preparations before performing MRI face with contrast

MRI face with contrast is a routine process and do not need any preparation from the patient.

  • Inform about implants.
  • The patient should not wear any metallic objects.

Post care after MRI face with contrast

MRI face with contrast is completely a patient friendly process.

  • The patient should relax in fresh air for a while.
  • drinking fluids helps to flush contrast from the body.

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