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Overview Brief

The most complex joint in our body is elbow and enhances flexibility of hand motion. MRI elbow joint monitors injuries or issues related to the elbow.

What is MRI elbow joint?

MRI elbow joint is mainly performed by athletes in case of injury or after the accident. The process uses radio and magnetic waves to monitor the bones, muscles and nerves of the elbow joint. (1)

How is MRI elbow joint performed?

MRI elbow joint is a very simple method to monitor the severity of elbow injury.

  • The patient is requested to position himself in a comfortable way.
  • The arm should be held on the side of the anatomical position.
  • It must be noted that the body of the patient should be stiff at the time of imaging.

MRI elbow joint is an extremely simple process and does not need much time.(2)

Side effects of MRI elbow joint

The electric and magnetic fields developed during MRI elbow joint does not cause any harm to our body. (3)

  • The positioning of hand can be difficult sometimes.
  • Mild feeling of nausea.
  • Light to moderate headache.

Preparations before performing MRI elbow joint

MRI elbow joint is a very simple test and does not require any preparation before the imaging.

  • Proper guidelines should be followed by the patient before consuming anything on the scanning date,
  • Patients should share information about implants to the staff.

Post care after MRI elbow joint

MRI elbow joint does not need any care or rest after the test:

  • Special care should be provided to the injured arm.
  • If the patient had taken any relaxing medicine, they should not drive car or left alone.

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