MRI Dorsolumbar Spine

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Overview Brief

MRI Dorsolumbar spine helps in detecting any issues related to the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae region.

What is MRI Dorsolumbar Spine ?

MRI Dorsolumbar spine is used to monitor the most delicate part of the spine i.e., the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae region. MRI technology uses magnetic fields and radio waves for monitoring the condition of the nerves and spine. (1)

How is MRI Dorsolumbar Spine performed?

 MRI Dorsolumbar Spine is performed similar to other MRI procedure.

  • The patient is requested to lie down in a supine position.
  • The table is smoothly sided over the magnet to obtain the images.
  • The images of Dorsolumbar spine along with surrounding soft tissues are generated. (2)

MRI Dorsal Spine report generated after the test is sent to the doctors for analysis.

Side effects of MRI Dorsolumbar spine ?

MRI Dorsolumbar spine is a very simple test and does not have very minor side effects.

  • Feeling thirsty.
  • Mild to moderate headache.
  • Allergy or itching in the eyes. (3)

Preparations before performing MRI Dorsolumbar spine

The MRIs are non-invasive process and do not need any preparations.

  • Discussing the diet plan with the doctor for the day of imaging.
  • Patients should share information about any tattoos on their body to the staff.
  • It is advised to be natural and wear loose clothes.

Post care after MRI Dorsolumbar Spine

MRI Dorsolumbar Spine is safe and the patients do not need any care or rest after the test.

  • Flush out toxins by drinking fluids.
  • Do not drive, if you were sedated during MRI Dorsolumbar Spine test.

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