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MRI Dacrocystography is a useful tool to diagnose problems of the lacrimal drainage system. The modern diagnostic tool uses powerful magnets, radio waves and computer software to produce clear images of the lacrimal pathways.

What is MRI Dacrocystography?

MRI Dacrocystography is an advanced tool to evaluate the lacrimal pathways. It provides high contrast images of the soft tissue and blood vessels in the lacrimal pathways, and helps in the diagnosis of Epiphora, caused by inflammation, tumour, injury or congenital abnormalities. (1)

How is MRI Dacrocystography Performed?

MRI Dacrocystography is a noninvasive procedure that does not need hospitalization.

  • Patients have to lie down on the MRI examination table in a supine position, with the head on the headrest and arms at the side.
  • Microscopic coils are placed around the head to improve the quality of the pictures.
  • The table slides into the magnetic field of the MRI scanner, which produces multiple images of the lacrimal pathways.
  • Gadolinium containing eye drops are instilled in both the eyes.
  • Multiple sequences of the images are produced.

The patient has to lie still during the MRI Dacrocystography procedure.

Side-effects of MRI Dacrocystography

MRI Dacrocystography is a safe procedure as it does not use any form of radiation.

  • Patients may experience discomfort because of lying still through the procedure.
  • The loud noises inside the MRI scanner may cause anxiety.
  • There is pain because of the cannulas inserted in the eyes.

Preparations before MRI Dacrocystography

MRI Dacrocystography is a painless procedure. Preparation includes

  • Thin plastic cannulas are inserted into the lower lacrimal canaliculi of the eyes to inject eye drops.
  • The plastic cannulas are injected by an ophthalmologist, under local anaesthesia.
  • Patients will be irrigated at the ambulatory clinic before the MRI Dacrocystography procedure.(2)

Post-care of MRI Dacrocystography

MRI Dacrocystography is a simple procedure that requires very less post-care.

  • Patients can go home after the MRI Dacrocystography procedure.
  • Report any pain or discomfort to the doctor.

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