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One of the recent favorites of doctors in the process of diagnosing is the MRA test. If you are unaware of this magical intervention, we have it all sorted for you.

What is MRA?

Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) is a medical scan that uses magnetic waves to generate images of the vascular anatomy of the body part under observation.

MRA of hand is generally recommended to locate blood clots, tissue disorders, and in few cases to comprehend arterial network before a surgery.

How is MRA Performed?

Before the MRA, confide doctor in your medical history, metal implants, and any ongoing medication. In a conventional (without contrast) MRA of hand,

  • You will be asked to remove any metal accessory and change into a hospital gown.
  • Instructions regarding MRA will be given before entering the scanner room.
  • Your hand will be positioned in an MRA flex coil and immobilised by cushions.
  • The technician will then generate vascular images of your hand through the computer.

The MRA scan will not take more than 30 minutes and during the process, you will be able to talk to the technician through an installed microphone in case of any discomfort.

Side Effects of MRA

There aren’t any probable risks involved in taking an MRA exam. The angiography equipment doesn’t release any harmful radiations and is safe for taking the exam more than once if needed.

Preparation before MRA

In case a sedative is being used for the MRA, it’s wise to take someone along as the effect of sedation can last longer. Otherwise, there is no particular preparation needed for the test.

MRA Post Care

Certain people may suffer claustrophobia during the test and might need special care afterward. But in general, MRA doesn’t require any possible concern for post care.

MRA is used by major surgeons, physicians, and radiologists, who claim it to be a safe way to diagnose vascular injuries and defects. For your MRA, mfine can help you connect to the best specialists in the field.

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