MR Venography Both Lower Limb With Contrast

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Overview Brief

MR venography uses magnetic resonance to produce images of the lower limb without using X-rays.

What is MR Venography of Both Lower Limb with Contrast

Magnetic resonance venography is a non-invasive method to identify the internal structures of the lower limbs. It uses the principles of magnetic resonance, instead of X-rays. Magnetic waves process images on a film. A contrast such as gadolinium enhances image productivity. It is useful to detect the cause of pain in the legs, tumours, and other problems in the veins.

How is MR Venography of Both Lower Limb with Contrast Performed?

The process takes place in a machine known as an MRI scanner.

  • The patient introduces a contrast dye in the body system orally or through injection.
  • The patient lies down on a table in a still position.
  • The radiologist keeps a coil near the body part under evaluation.
  • The table moves in a magnetic field of the strong magnet.
  • The computer takes pictures from various angles to get all the possible details.

The MR takes a longer time to complete than a CT scan.

Side effects/Risks of MR Venography of Both Lower Limb with Contrast

Some risks associated with magnetic resonance venography are:

  • Pregnant women and patients with metal implants should avoid it.
  • Contrast material may trigger allergies.
  • Vomiting, nausea, and diarrhoea may also be a cause of contrast.

Preparation Before Performing MR Venography of Both Lower Limb with Contrast

Before the procedure, the patient takes some prior steps.

  • Remove any jewellery from the body.
  • Inform the doctor of certain medicine intakes and metal implants.
  • Do not consume food before the examination.

Post-care After  MR Venography of Both Lower Limb with Contrast

After the treatment, follow these steps:

  • Follow the instructions carefully if given by the doctor.

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