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Overview Brief

MR urography is a non-invasive technique of analysing the problems in the urinary tract of a person.

What is MR Urography?

Magnetic Resonance Urography is very common to study the various issues in the urinary tract without the involvement of ionizing radiations. It is a painless procedure to detect kidney and bladder stones, blood in the urine, and tumours in the urinary system. Magnetic waves produce images to view the internal structures of the kidneys, bladder, and ureters. MR urography also evaluates the presence of the ureteral obstruction. It is an easy method and does not pose any serious threats to the patient’s health.

How is MR Urography Performed?

MR urography takes place in an MRI scanner.

  • The process begins with the proper alignment of the patient on the table.
  • The radiologist keeps a coil, which can send and receive radio waves.
  • The table moves into a zone of the magnetic field.
  • The machine takes several pictures in different directions for detailed study.

MR Urography can take several minutes to finish due to multiple runs.

Side Effects/Risks of MR Urography

Risks associated are:

  • Electronic devices implanted in the body may cause problems.
  • Contrast material may cause kidney problems.
  • May affect unborn babies.
  • Contrast material may cause allergies.

Preparation before Performing MR Urography

Prior preparations may include:

  • Wearing loose gowns or comfortable clothes.
  • Drink a lot of water before the scan.
  • Do not urinate unless the scan is complete.
  • Eating and drinking may vary upon as per the exam.
  • Inform the radiologist about pregnancy.
  • Take off any jewellery from the body.

Post-care after MR Urography

Aftercare steps include:

  • Follow the doctor’s advice carefully.
  • Normal activities may resume.

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