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MR Parotid gland is a process which helps in the diagnosing of various tumors of the parotid gland.

What is MR  Parotid Gland?
MR Parotid Gland not only helps diagnose the tumors but also helps in categorizing the tumors to gain knowledge of how to proceed with the treatment procedure.

  • Carcinomas, Warthin’s tumors, and pleomorphic adenomas are the tumors which the process aids in diagnosing and classifying.
  • Most cases of the parotid gland tumors are benign, which can be seen both in males and females.
  • 20% of parotid gland tumors are believed to be malignant and are classified as adenoid cystic carcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

MR parotid gland can be difficult process owing to the anatomical relevance.

How is MR  Parotid Gland performed?
MR Parotid gland is performed as follows:

  • The patient is moved under the MR machine with the focus on the floor of the mouth.
  • The process may or may not use a contrast. However, using a contrast presents a cleaner and clearer picture of the parotid gland.
  • Different types of salivary gland masses or tumors can be captured in this technique.

MRI Parotid gland is a little difficult process for the patient as well as the doctors in terms of capturing images.

Side effects/risks of MR  Parotid Gland
Side effects or risks involved in the MR Parotid gland process are:

  • The radiation might cause mutations in the body or result in cancer.
  • The patient might feel claustrophobic during the process.

Preparation before performing MR Parotid Gland
Preparation for MR Parotid gland involves:

  • The patient should be in loose clothes.
  • He/she should inform about any dental metal implants before the test.


Post-care after MR  Parotid Gland
The post care for MR Parotid gland can be done by monitoring the existing health concerns if any. mfine concerns itself with a host of procedures including MR Parotid gland and makes it easy for the patients to reach the specialists.

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