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Magnetic Resonance Radiology or MR Mammogram Radiology is a non-invasive technique used for imaging of the breasts.

What is MR Mammogram?

Basically, in simple terms, Mammogram is the radiology of the breasts done to find out any lumps in the breasts. This technique creates high-quality images of the breasts. It provides a clearer vision of the organs to detect the possibility of breast cancer. It is usually better than any other tests available for the detection of the disease. This can also be used for evaluation of the integrity of breasts implants.

How is MR Mammogram performed?

MR Mammogram should not be confused with the normal MRI scan as both the techniques of radiology are different. During a mammogram, X-rays penetrate your breast to record the differences in the density of your breast tissue. For better views, each of your breasts will need to be repositioned and imaged twice. For this radiology, compression is used for your breast tissue to remain motionless.

Side effects/risks of MR Mammogram

Mammogram as a factor of radiology has some side effects involved:

  • Risk of exposure to radiation.
  • Women with larger breasts receive more amount of radiation, hence, greater the risk.
  • Breasts that have been implanted stand a risk of getting ruptured.

Preparation before performing MR Mammogram

Before going in for Breast radiology, you should expect the following:

  • You will be asked to change into a comfortable cloth.
  • You should not be wearing any perfume or deodorant.
  • You should refrain from using any cream, lotions before the test.

Post Care after MR Mammogram

To get rid of the pain or discomfort after radiology, you can:

  • Wear a comfortable sports bra or camisole.
  • Apply a heating pad or take a warm bath.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines help too.

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