MR Arotography With Contrast

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Overview Brief

The MR Aortography with Contrast studies makes use of magnets, radio frequencies, and contrast dye to check for any abnormalities in the arteries.

What is MR Aortography with Contrast?

The MR Aortography with Contrast helps in detecting any blood clots, narrowing, or any injuries in the blood vessels.

The MR Aortography with Contrast takes images of the blood vessels in the neck area, around the brain, heart, chest, and abdomen. It uses contrast dye to highlight soft tissues for more accurate results.

The MR Aortography with Contrast is recommended to diagnose aneurysms in the aorta, atherosclerotic disease, and also help as a guiding tool in surgeries involving the arteries. [1]

How is MR Aortography with Contrast performed?

The MR Aortography with Contrast is performed in the following way:

  • The patient wears a loose gown and lies down on the table.
  • A contrast dye is injected into their vein through a catheter.
  • The patient slides into the machine where images of their blood vessels are taken.

The process takes over an hour to complete. [2]

Side effects/risks of MR Aortography with Contrast

An MR Aortography with Contrast doesn’t use any radiation, but have the following risks:

  • It can move any metal implants that might be there inside the patient’s body.
  • The contrast dye can have harmful effects on patients with kidney problems.

Preparation before performing MR Aortography with Contrast

The patient can eat or drink anything before their MR Aortography with Contrast. However, the radiologist must be informed of any medication they’re taking or earlier medical issues. [3]

Post-care after MR Aortography with Contrast

One can resume their daily activities after their MR Aortography with Contrast but should drink a lot of fluids to flush the dye out of their system.

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