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Overview Brief

The MR Aortography studies any abnormalities that might be there in the blood vessels or to diagnose plaque disease with the help of magnets, radio frequencies.

What is MR Aortography?

The MR Aortography is used to detect any abnormalities and treat any conditions or diseases related to the arteries.

The MR Aortography checks the vessels in areas like the neck, brain, heart, chest, and abdomen. The test results can help diagnose aneurysms in the aorta, atherosclerotic disease, injuries/narrowing of the arteries, splitting in the aorta, any blood clots, and arterial diseases.

The MR Aortography is also used to see how far cancer/tumor has spread in one’s body. The result is used as a guide in the surgery/treatment process. [1]

How is MR Aortography performed?

The MR Aortography is performed in the following way:

  • The patient dresses into a hospital gown and lies down on the table.
  • The patient is asked to stay still through the process.
  • The machine takes the images of blood vessels around the chest and neck area.

The process may take longer than an hour to complete. [2]

Side effects/risks of MR Aortography

Though the process doesn’t use radiation, following are the risks involved with an MR Aortography test:

  • Any metal implants in the body can move due to the magnets in the machine.
  • Patients with a heart pacemaker may be at risk as it might stop working while the machine is on.

Preparation before performing MR Aortography

The MR Aortography doesn’t require any special preparation and the patient can eat, drink, and take their medication as usual. However, they must discuss their medication and medical history with the radiologist beforehand. [3]

Post-care after MR Aortography

The patient is free to go home after their MR Aortography and can resume their daily activities.

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