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Overview Brief

Microalbumin random is a urine test to detect the levels of albumin (a blood protein) in urine.

What is microalbumin random test?

Albumin is generally found in the blood. But the presence of albumin in the urine is a sign of kidney damage. Therefore, the microalbumin random test is recommended as it helps in the detection of the early signs of kidney problems.

The microalbumin random test is a simple urine test and is mostly recommended to people who have diabetes.

Why is microalbumin random test suggested?

Your healthcare provider might suggest you microalbumin random test if you are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • People who have type 2 diabetes should get tested annually
  • People who have type 1 diabetes should get it tested annually after 5 years of diagnosis.

Your healthcare might also recommend this test if:

  • You are above the age of 60
  • Any member of your family had a kidney problem

How is microalbumin random test performed?

In the microalbumin random test, a random urine test can be taken at any time.

What are the parameters measured in microalbumin random test?

Microalbumin test is performed to detect the small amounts of albumin present in your urine.

Preparation before performing microalbumin random test

No special preparation is necessary for the microalbumin random test.

Post-care after microalbumin random test

You can return to your usual activities after the test is over and may resume your normal schedule.

Sample types in microalbumin random test

You’ll be asked to urinate in a sterile cup and the urine sample will then be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Side effects/risks of microalbumin random test

The microalbumin test has no significant risks. It is a simple urine test

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