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Lymphocyte Percentage can predict a lot about the health of the person; ranging from serious health conditions like cancers to acute stress, this test is helpful in early diagnosis of these disorders

What is Lymphocyte Percentage test?

Lymphocyte Percentage test is a test which can be done for any patient exhibiting symptoms of infections.

  • It can detect the conditions like leukemia.
  • Acute stress or rhematoid arthritis are some conditions which can be ascertained by a detailed test report.

Lymphocyte Percentage test can detect if the ongoing treatment of the patient is working or not.

Why is Lymphocyte Percentage test suggested?

Lymphocyte Percentage test is suggested for the following:

  • If the patient shows symptoms of infection or anemia.
  • If the doctor suspects the patient to be suffering from leukemia.

How is Lymphocyte Percentage test performed?

Lymphocyte Percentage test is performed as follows:

  • A small puncture is made by a needle in the patient’s vein.
  • The site is thoroughly cleaned before and after teh blood is collected.
  • The sample is collected in a collector tube.

Once the required quantity of sample is collected, the patient is free to leave for home.

What are the parameters measured in Lymphocyte Percentage test?

Parameters measured in Lymphocyte Percentage test are:

  • Neutrophils
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes
  • Eosinophils
  • Basophils

Preparation before performing Lymphocyte Percentage test

No special preparation for Lymphocyte Percentage test is required.

Post-care after Lymphocyte Percentage test

Post-care for Lymphocyte Percentage test is:

  • If the test results show an infection or any other condition, the patient should see the doctor to discuss the way further.

Sample types in Lymphocyte Percentage test

Sample types in Lymphocyte Percentage test:

  • Blood sample.

Side effects/risks of Lymphocyte Percentage test

Side effects of Lymphocyte Percentage test are:

  • The patient may feel a mmild stinging sensation for a a few minutes after the sample collection.
  • In rare case, there may be a vein inflammation which can be treated easily.

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