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LH or Luteinising Hormone is important in the body for living a healthy life related to the aspects of sexual growth and puberty.

What is Luteinising Hormone test?

Luteinising Hormone test is used to determine the LH levels in the body.

  • The test helps to know if there are appropriate level of LH maintained in the body.
  • It helps in diagnosing the causes for early or delayed puberty.

Luteinising Hormone test is also effective in telling if there are pituitary gland disorders.

Why is Luteinising Hormone test suggested?

Luteinising Hormone test is suggested for the following:

If the person suffers from any of these problems:

  • fertility problems.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Progesterone release.
  • Sperm production.
  • Testosterone production.
  • Ovulation

How is Luteinising Hormone test performed?

Luteinising Hormone test is performed as follows:

  • The blood is collected ina tube in the simple conventional format.
  • The site of puncture is cleaned by an antiseptic liquid.
  • A needle is innderted to collect blood in a syringe.
  • Once the required quantity of the blood is collected, the site is mildly pressed by a cotton ball to stop bleeding.

The sample is then sent to lab for LH testing.             

What are the parameters measured in Luteinising Hormone test?

Parameters measured in Luteinising Hormone test are:

  • LH

Preparation before performing Luteinising Hormone test

Preparation for Luteinising Hormone test is as follows:

  • Any herbs or supplements should be notified about to the doctor before proceeding with the test.

Post-care after Luteinising Hormone test

Post-care for Luteinising Hormone test is:

  • Follow-up with the doctor to change the medication chart to improve the LH level in blood.

Sample types in Luteinising Hormone test

Sample types in Luteinising Hormone test:

  • Blood.

Side effects/risks of Luteinising Hormone test

Side effects of Luteinising Hormone test are:

  • Mild stinging feeling after the blood is drawn.
  • Soreness of the arm.

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