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 Lupus Anticoagulant: How Important is it?

Lupus Anticoagulant are antibodies which cause a condition where the person is at increased risk of forming a blood clot without a specific reason.

What is Lupus Anticoagulant?

Like all antibodies, Lupus Anticoagulant are antibodies which are created by the immune system of the body.

  • The complications arise when Lupus Anticoagulant start attacking the body’s own cells.
  • Phospholipids are the ones which are most fequently targetted by Lupus Anticoagulant.

Lupus Anticoagulant disturb the body’s process of blood clotting and aggravate the risk of formation of blood clots.

Why is Lupus Anticoagulant suggested?

Lupus Anticoagulant is suggested for the following cases:

  • If the person has unexplained clotting of blood in vein or the artery.
  • A women having unexplained miscarriages.
  • A person with APS.
  • A persistent PTT test in a person.

How is Lupus Anticoagulant performed?

Lupus Anticoagulant is performed as follows:

  • The patient should report to the pathlogy centre in time.
  • Either of the right or the left arm can be used for sample collection.
  • The elbow pit of the arm is cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
  • The needle is inserted to draw the blood.

Once the blood is collected, the patient can go home and the sample is sent for testinng.

What are the parameters measured in Lupus Anticoagulant?

Parameters measured in Lupus Anticoagulant are:

  • LA or Lupus Anticoagulants.

Preparation before performing Lupus Anticoagulant

Preparation for Lupus Anticoagulant is as follows:

  • The patient may keep the doctor in the loop about any supplements or medications he may be taking.

Post-care after Lupus Anticoagulant

Post-care for Lupus Anticoagulant is:

  • A follow-up with the doctor to discuss the medications for improvement in the condition.

Sample types in Lupus Anticoagulant

Sample types in Lupus Anticoagulant:

  • Blood from the vein.

Side effects/risks of Lupus Anticoagulant

Side effects of Lupus Anticoagulant are:

  • Vein inflammation due to needle indertion.
  • Pain int he arm.

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