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Lithium is a substance which can be used for therapeutic reasons but id it crosses the danger mark, can be fatal.

What is Lithium test?

Lithium test is done to measure the quantity of Lithium in the system.

  • The test evaluates if the lithium levels are within normal range in the body.
  • It tests if there are chances of any diseases which may have caused due to lithium.
  • It determines if there is lithium poisoning in the patient’s body.

Lithium test confirms if lithium can be administered to the patient for therapeutic reasons without causing a Lithium poisoning.

Why is Lithium test suggested?

Lithium test is suggested for the following:

The doctor orders the test to confirm lithium level in bipolar patients.

It is suggested for people with severe mood swings.

If patient shows following symptoms:

  • Drowsiness
  • Stupour
  • Anxiety

How is Lithium test performed?

Lithium test is performed as follows:

  • The elbow pit is generally selected to draw blood from patient’s vein.
  • It is cleaned by an antiseptic solution.
  • The blood is collected by inserting a needle.
  • The sample is sent to the lab for testing lithium levels.

What are the parameters measured in Lithium test?

Parameters measured in Lithium test are:

  • Lithium in blood.

Preparation before performing Lithium test

Preparation for Lithium test is as follows:

  • The patient can inform the patient of any medication which may interfere with the results of the test.

Post-care after Lithium test

Post-care for Lithium test is:

  • A detailed follow up with the doctor can help improve the condition of raised lithium levels in the body.

Sample types in Lithium test

Sample types in Lithium test:

  • Blood

Side effects/risks of Lithium test

Side effects of Lithium test are:

  • Dizziness in some patients after the blood is drawn.
  • Soreness in the arm.

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