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Lipid Profile is an excellent way to assess the person’s health, in general. It presents if the person is at risk of getting an Cardiovascular diseases.

What is Lipid Profile?

Lipid Profile is done to check fats and level of fat-like substances in the body.

  • The test determines all kinds of fats and lipids present in the body and their quantities.
  • The test presents the complete measure of the total cholesterol, the bad and the good cholesterol in the body.

The Lipid Profile is instrumental in detecting any heart disease or cholesterol related issues the person may have.

Why is Lipid Profile suggested?

Lipid Profile is suggested for the following:

  • In normal patients without any medical condition, the test is recommended as a part of general checkup.
  • In patients with health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, the test should be done at regular intervals.
  • If a patient is suspected of suffering from increased bad cholesterol.

How is Lipid Profile performed?

Lipid Profile is performed as follows:

  • The patient is required to be present at the pathology centre after a 12 hour fasting period.
  • The arm of the patinet is injected with a needle which draws blood in a collector tube.
  • The required quantity of the sample is collected and sent to the lab.

The patient is free to leave for home.

What are the parameters measured in Lipid Profile?

Parameters measured in Lipid Profile are:

  • Total cholesterol.
  • Triglycerides
  • HDL-C.
  • LDL-C.

Preparation before performing Lipid Profile

Preparation for Lipid Profile is as follows:

  • 12 hour fasting is required from the patient before the test.
  • Any other foods to be omitted would be instructed by the doctor.

Post-care after Lipid Profile

Post-care for Lipid Profile is:

  • Follow-up session with the doctor to prevent the situation from worsening.

Sample types in Lipid Profile

Sample types in Lipid Profile:

  • Blood from the vein.

Side effects/risks of Lipid Profile

Side effects of Lipid Profile are:

  • Pain at the site of needle puncture while sample collection.
  • Infection of veins.

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