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LE Cell or the lupus erythematosus Phenomenon refers to an immune disorder where the defense proteins or antibodies begin to attack the tissues of the body instead of the foreign bodies.

What is LE Cell Phenomenon?

LE Cell Phenomenon is known to affect vital organs of the body including the kidneys, brains, heart, and lungs.

  • LE Cell Phenomenon test is a microscopic test which helps detect the LE cells.
  • LE Cell Phenomenon is a screening test which identifies the lupus cells.

The lupus is more likely to affect the adults than the children.

Why is LE Cell Phenomenon suggested?

LE Cell Phenomenon is suggested for the following:

  • If the doctor suspects lupus in blood.
  • If the patient exhibits major symptoms like high fever or fatigue or pain in joints.

How is LE Cell Phenomenon performed?

LE Cell Phenomenon is performed as follows:

  • A blood sample needs to be collected from the patient’s arm.
  • An elastic band is tied around the arm tightly.
  • Once the veins are highlighted or clearly visible, a needle with a syringe is inserted to draw blood.

The sample is collected in a tube which is then submitted in the lab for the test.

What are the parameters measured in LE Cell Phenomenon?

Parameters measured in LE Cell Phenomenon are:

  • Lupus or LE cell phenomenon.

Preparation before performing LE Cell Phenomenon

Preparation for LE Cell Phenomenon is as follows:

  • Any underlying allergies or reactions to certain medication should be told about to the doctor.

Post-care after LE Cell Phenomenon

Post-care for LE Cell Phenomenon is:

  • Get in touch with the doctor if the LE Cell Phenomenon is detected to prevent from further harm.

Side effects/risks of LE Cell Phenomenon

Side effects of LE Cell Phenomenon are:

  • Soreness at the point of puncture in the arm.

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