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The lactate test is used to evaluate the amounts of lactate in the blood. A regular lactate level indicates that the person is having sufficient oxygen flow in the blood.

What is Lactate test?

Lactate test measures if the lactate levels have crossed the safety mark in the blood.

  • It confirms if the person is suffering from hypoxia which implies a lack of oxygen.
  • The test also examines the other conditions where there is an excess amount of lactate production.

Lactate test is indicative of abnormal removal or clearing of lactate from the blood.

Why is Lactate test suggested?

Symptoms as listed in the following can lead to Lactate test:

  • Nausea
  • Rapid breathing.
  • pH imbalance in blood.
  • Sweating which indicates a lack of oxygen.

A doctor may suggest Lactate test if he suspects severe congestive heart failure, kidney failure or uncontrolled diabetes.

How is Lactate test performed?

Lactate test is performed as follows:

  • The blood sample is collected in a tube from the patient’s vein and in some cases artery.
  • In some cases, a spinal tap may be performed to collect cerebrospinal fluid.

The sample is sent to the labs for the test.

What are the parameters measured in Lactate test?

Parameters measured in Lactate test are:

  • Lactate level in the blood

Preparation before performing Lactate test

Preparation for Lactate test is as follows:

  • Patient should not eat or drink anything other than water for some hours as suggested by the doctor, before the test.
  • Strenuous exercises should also be avoided before the test.

Post-care after Lactate test

Post-care for Lactate test is:

  • Seek consultation from the doctor to rectify the pH level and the lactate level in the blood.

Sample types in Lactate test

Sample types in Lactate test:

  • Blood sample.
  • Or cerebrospinal fluid.

Side effects/risks of Lactate test

Side effects of Lactate test are:

  • Discomfort or infection due to needle prick.
  • Dizziness in some cases.

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