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Kidney Function Test is basically done to evaluate the basic functioning of the kidneys such as maintaining water levels in the body.

What is Kidney Function Test?

Kidneys play an important role in the maintenance of water as well as many essential minerals, in the body. Kidney function test confirms the same for us.

  • One of the key functions of the kidneys is to control the production of Vitamin D and red blood cells.
  • Hormones responsible for regulation of blood pressure are controlled by the kidneys to an extent.

If kidneys are not performing these functions well, a Kidney Function Test can help detect its malfunctioning.

Why is Kidney Function Test suggested?

Kidney Function Test is suggested for the following:

Certain symptoms and suspects can lead to the doctor suggesting  Kidney Function Test:

  • Consistent high blood pressure.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Difficulty in passing urine.

How is Kidney Function Test performed?

Kidney Function Test is performed as follows:

  • A 24-hour urine sample or a blood sample is collected from the patient.
  • The patient has to collect the urine for the entire day until the next morning, which completes the 24-hour cycle.

The sample is sent to labs for testing.

For a blood test, the patient can visit the pathology center and provide the blood sample from the vein for testing.

What are the parameters measured in Kidney Function Test?

Parameters measured in Kidney Function Test are:

  • Creatinine clearance.
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen.
  • Blood Sugar.

Preparation before performing Kidney Function Test

Preparation for Kidney Function Test is as follows:

  • The patient may be asked to fast for 12 hours before submitting the urine and blood sample.
  • Any medications should be informed about to the doctor.

Post-care after Kidney Function Test

Post-care for Kidney Function Test is:

  • After the results have been handed over, the patient may consult the doctor for improving the condition.


Sample types in Kidney Function Test

Sample types in Kidney Function Test:

  • Blood sample.
  • Urine sample.

Side effects/risks of Kidney Function Test

Side effects of Kidney Function Test are:

  • Except for the discomfort of pricking, there are no major side effects of the test.

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