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A ketone test is instrumental in the diagnosis of certain serious conditions like diabetic ketoacidosis.

What is the Ketone test?

The ketone test helps in the management of type 1 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes should get their ketone test done regularly. Too much of ketone production in the body can lead to blood becoming more acidic resulting in serious ailments.

Why is the Ketone test suggested?

Ketone test is suggested in the following cases:

  • When sugar levels have been high for a long time.
  • If the doctor suspects the condition of ketoacidosis.

How is the Ketone test performed?

The ketone test may be performed either on a blood sample or a urine sample.

Blood sample:

  • A ketone strip is inserted into the machine or the meter.
  • The patient can either prick the tip of the finger himself or can take help from a nurse.
  • The pricked finger oozes blood and a drop of it is allowed on the ketone strip.
  • Note the reading.
  • Discard the strip safely.

Urine sample:

  • The patient needs to pass urine over the strip and wait for the strip to change color.
  • Compare the color with the color chart provided and note the reading.
  • The timing is important here as the test holds valid only for a few seconds.

Both the processes can be completed in a few minutes.

What are the parameters measured in the Ketone test?

The parameters measured in a ketone test are as follows:

  • Blood ketone level.
  • Urine ketone level.

Preparation before performing a Ketone test

In case a fasting period is required, the doctor will notify the patient of the time duration for fasting.

Post-care after Ketone test

The patient should see the doctor if the results show an abnormal level of ketones in the blood or urine.

Sample types in Ketone test

Sample types in ketone test include:

  • Urine sample.
  • Blood sample.

Side effects/risks of the Ketone test

The side effects of the ketone test are as follows:

  • Pricking may cause a little discomfort.
  • If not performed correctly, it may cause an infection.

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