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Iron studies are also called as Iron indices. It is a test which examines the status of iron levels in the body.

What is Iron Studies?

Iron Studies includes tests performed to evaluate iron deficiency or other abnormalities in the blood, which are related to iron.

  • Iron studies showcase the severity of conditions like anemia and iron poisoning.
  • The test results also calculate the hemochromatosis, which is a hereditary disorder.

Why is Iron Studies suggested?

Iron Studies is suggested when

  • Doctors suspect anemia.
  • When there are chances of iron overload.

Iron studies are performed to assess the entire blood count with a focus on iron levels.

How is Iron Studies performed?

Iron Studies is performed as follows:

  • An elastic band is tied around the arm of the patient, just above the elbow.
  • This causes the veins in the arm to swell up and it is easier to inject the needle.
  • The blood is collected through a syringe and the sample is tested for iron studies.

The Iron studies test results are notified to the patient in a couple of days.

What are the parameters measured in Iron Studies?

The parameters measuraed in Iron Studies are as follows:

  • Serum iron.
  • Ferritin
  • Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC).
  • Transferrin saturation.


Preparation before performing Iron Studies

Apart from water, nothing is to be consumed for at least 12 hours before the Iron Studies test.

Post-care after Iron Studies

The patient can ask the doctor for a correction in the diet to bring the iron levels to normal.

Sample types in Iron Studies

Sample types in Iron Studies include a blood sample that is drawn from the arm of the patient.

Side effects/risks of Iron Studies

The side effects of Iron Studies are as follows:

  • There are no side effects except the discomfort that the pricking of a needle causes.
  • There may be excessive bleeding in some rare cases.

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